Erich Kilchherr

Erich Kilchherr

Hi there,

I started with photography, when I obtained my first camera from my father, an Agfa Isolette (which I still own) some 50+ years ago. This was followed by an Exakta borrowed from my father for a few years, before I got my first of several Minoltas (XD7,XG9, etc.) as a gift. With my first digital in 2009 I switched to Nikon D300. A couple of years ago, I "upgraded" to a D800 to take advantage of the full frame benefits.

Until recently, most of my photography activities were restricted to vacation periods and excursions with the local photography club, which I have been chairing for more than 20 years. I shared my pics with the club members or in the frame of local exhibitions by the club:

As many of my pictures show, I combine this hobby with my other, which is hiking in the Swiss Alps, and yes, I edit most of by pics with photoshop.

I hope that you like one or the other of my shots and, as I am always eager to improve my skills, I appreciate any feedback.

Have fun!